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I had a great experience!

- Andrew M

5 out of 5 stars on

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Irina – My experience at Bayside Oral Surgery was beyond any expectations! Excellent work by Dr. Khalil and friendly and attentive staff!

Kristin – My son had a pretty simple procedure to remove baby teeth that were still hanging on at 16 years!  What is not so simple is that my son has special needs and Dr. Khalil was amazing with   him.  He kept asking questions about the gas they were giving him (nitrous Oxide) and Dr. Khalil kept him engaged by giving more and more details which seemed to relax him during the procedure. The other great thing about Dr. Khalil is that he had no issues with the idea of working on my son who also has seizures and is on a multitude of anti-epileptic medications. In contrast, the doctor who I had originally taken him to at another practice was very nervous about what type of sedation he should use and insisted on speaking with the neurologist to get her advice, yet she had no experience with what sedation to use.  Dr. Khalil, on the other hand, pointed out by looking at the x-rays that it was going to be very quick and that there would be no issue in using nitrous.  Finding Dr. Khalil was such a relief!

Jason – Amazing experience from start to finish. Our 15 year old son had 4 impacted wisdom teeth and went for surgery yesterday. Today he is acting as though nothing ever happened. Seamless, painless, professional and as easy as oral surgery can possibly be. I was nervous about the general IV sedation, but the nurses put us at ease. They were helpful and supportive post surgery, a nurse helped me walk my son down to the car and they followed up with a phone call at home later in the day to make sure all was well. Dr. Khalil is clearly a pro both as a surgeon and in administering sedation and his team is attentive and caring!

Mo – The Doctor is awesome. He is indeed a competent surgeon. The nurses were very good and nice — although I’m still waiting for the call they promised to make to see how I’m doing after the removal of my tooth and bone grafting. The receptionist was pleasant. As for the lady that processed my payment, she appears to be trying too hard to be nice.

Margaret – “The staff at Bayside Oral deserve and receive the highest praise possible. I’m a person who has been close to terrified at the prospect of having dental work done. I had always insisted on being “knocked out” during most any procedure. I was full of fear and can’t stand pain. The folks at Bayside impressed me from the first – my consultation. They were so professional and at the same time so caring and understanding that I immediately trusted them. I was having a broken tooth pulled out and a post inserted. I was amazed at myself for agreeing to local numbing at the site of the procedure. The Doctor and his assistant made me so comfortable and confident I could almost have fallen asleep. The results were just what I wanted but equally important they have cured me of my fears. Somehow I chose the best place to go for the surgery – I have more work to be done – I know where I’ll go! THEY ARE THE BEST.”

Sherry – “If you need an implant this is the place to go. Trust me I’ve had too many to count. This office gets it. And they are friendly and professional. If you have a choice DO IT HERE. Trust me I am a pro at this.”

Eddie – “Excellent, caring staff. They get you in on time, and explain the procedure thoroughly!”

John – “I had a pleasant experience with a tooth extraction. Imagine that! Great staff and an excellent doctor.”

Stacey – “Dr Kahlil did an extraction and implant for me recently. His staff are courteous and helpful and the appointments went very well. His staff helped figure out the dental insurance and were very clear on what my costs would be. Dr Kahlil was very good about explaining the process and answering all of my questions, and both the extraction and implant were accomplished with minimal discomfort. Definitely someone I would recommend to others!”

Young – “Great work! Extraction went smoothly and quickly and everyone in the office is a great team.”

Delores – “Great! Never thought i could do it. It was over n about 5 mins. Great staff, just wonderful. Assistant was great and reasured me, they would take care of me. The doctor was so gental. Thank you.”

Chafiqa – “It was a great service, they took only 35 minutes to take out four wisdom teeth, I didn’t feel anything. Thanks.”

Anna – “I did not get Dental Implants but i had 3 wisdom teeth pulled today. I was nervous but the staff here is great. I was calmed and had general anesthesia when they woke me up i thought only 10 minutes had passed and that they were joking when they said they were done. It was so painless and smooth. Very nice staff and although its my first day of post surgery I feel that they did a great job . I am only dealing with the bit of pain but essily managing it by taking my meds on time and icing my cheeks every 20 minutes so that i dont look like a bruised chipmunk. Great experience.”

Marcus – “Great service & lovely team.”

Joan – “Excellent professional service.”

Chris – “Very professional, Staff was Great& they were very fast…And j0b was well d0ne….Awes0me place of service.”

Alba – “It was so fast that I didn’t even realized that it was done!”

Joshua – “Very helpful staff and very impressed with the qualify of the surgery. Great job Bayside!”

Silvia – “Fast and pain free. Staff very friendly and caring.”

Jihad – “Fantastic customer service. both Dr. Khalil and his support staff were friendly. I went back 2-3 times because I thought something was going wrong when it wasn’t and they were extremely welcoming and hospitable.”

Raffi – “Excellent work!”

Bobby – “Dr. Khalil and his team were great! They made such a seemingly worrisome procedure painless. The extraction and implant went very smooth and recovery has great as well. I would recommend him and his team to anyone else. They are willing to answer any and all questions you have to calm the nerves. Thanks, Dr. Khalil!”

Laura – “Very supportive and professional. Dr. Khalil and his team made the scary process of oral surgery comfortable and easy.”

Danny – “Dr. Khalil and the girls are great here! Me and my bf came here and got out wisdoms teeth removed together. I love Dr. Khalil personality. He made us felt comfortable and welcoming. I was so nervous getting ready to go to surgery but the assistant was so sweet and she made me felt comfortable. They are flexible when it comes to scheduling an appointment. They have such great teamwork. I’m definitely going to refer Bayside Oral Surgeon to my friends and family!!!”

Gail – “I am now mid-way through the course of getting my SECOND dental implant.  I am 64-years old and my teeth are generally worth keeping. Hopefully, there won’t be a third one! But if there is, I want Dr. Khalil to do it.
Years ago, Dr. Khalil extracted the first tooth, did the bone-grafting procedure, and embedded the first implant. My regular DDS, Dr. Robert Watkins and his office make the molds and have  the “tooth” created.  Today, I cannot tell which tooth it was as it looks and feels just like a tooth I was born with. Now, only a few months ago, Dr. Khalil extracted the second tooth.  It takes a little gentle brute force and he is a total pro at pulling teeth.  Just yesterday, since everything healed well,  he did the procedure to install the implant (the base part that is the actual implant and to which the new “tooth” will later be added).  Sure, I have a slight ache today, but nothing terrible that the Motrin won’t help. This is rather serious surgery (and well worth it!), but one could not ask for a kinder, more professional oral surgeon and staff. If you want or have to do this, I suggest Bayside Oral Surgery.”

Sonja – “I had such a pleasant experience at Bayside Oral Surgery. The staff is spectacular, Aileen, Jada, Sade’ and one other person who’s name has evaded me.  My appointment was originally scheduled further out, they called to say they could get me in sooner. I jumped on it.  I had an implant placed. It was much less cumbersome than I anticipated. Dr. Khalil is good at his craft. Thanking you all at Bayside Oral Surgery Group.”

Yesenina – “I went in today to get my 4 wisdom teeth extracted, I was very nervous and scared at first but this office has an amazing team to make sure everything will be okay. Mercedes is a wonderful, hardworking lady and she made me feel very welcome and comfortable, without her I probably wouldn’t have gotten the work done if it wasn’t for Mercedes!! She is a great person that cares about her patients and is there to make us feel welcome! Thank you Mercedes your the best!!! And I also want to thank the Doctor and his assistants, you guys are so nice and very hard working people, Keep up the good work! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!! I recommend everybody to come to this office for any treatment that needs to be done:)”